“Hopeful Dreams”, New Work by Tanya Tyree through December 2014

Gallexy ... work by Tanya TyreeInspired by many contemporary artists such as Chagall, Matisse, Picasso, and Klimt as well as African, Asian, and Islamic art forms, Tanya Tyree creates figurative clay sculptures, vessels, wall art, and jewelry with abstract drawings that reveal their own mystery, sweet spirit, and mood.  Her current exhibit, Hopeful Dreams is an exploration of dream-like abstract figurative sculptures that express feelings of hope, power, and peace. 

Tyree, who graduated with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, conceptualizes and hand builds her one of a kind pieces from flat slabs of clay or wheel thrown forms.  Focusing on simplified forms with intricate surface development, each sculpture is incised with abstract drawings that build on its mystery. 

HopeThe sculpted pieces are bisque fired and then treated with copper and colored glazes.  Glazed pieces are fired in a small gas kiln, removed while red hot, burned, and reduced in combustible materials, and quickly plunged in cold water. This violent process is called “Raku” and it mysteriously alters the glazes by flashing unpredictable hues and tones, making each work unique in form, design and surface.  To learn more about this artist visit her web site www.tanyatyree.com

“Family and Friends”, New Work by Milenko Katic through November 2014

unnamed 3C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery will present original works from the much acclaimed artist Milenko Katic’ with an opening reception on Friday, November 7th, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. during Historic Downtown Mall’s First Friday event.
Milenko Katic’ (b. Serbia) is a mixed media artist who has been living in Afton, Virginia since he left Serbia and Croatia in 1989.  Working from memory and dreams, Milenko’s paintings merge childhood naivety with a mature perspective.
Milenko works in series such as My Farm Friends, Family Portrait, Family and Friends, Bird Lovers etc.  Milenko in his
unnamed 2work shows love for nature and animals and at the same time he’s asking, “Does loving animals, make us more human?”


“Creations from my Head and Heart” – Diane Goodbar through October

hotrodC’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery will present original collages and a line of hand knit baby and children’s items by Diane S. Goodbar during the month of October with an opening reception on Friday, October 3rd, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. during Historic Downtown Mall’s First Friday event.

The exhibit will feature original collages.  Each piece of the collage is hand cut using razor-sharp scissors, then glued together for form a picture.  There are no digital or photographic enhancements.  The collages are created much like a jigsaw puzzle, playing with light, shadow, and adding quirky elements.

bumblebeeThe exhibit will also feature a hand knit line of baby and children’s items including sweaters, hats, booties, and scarves.  All the designs and patterns are original and combine colors, textures, and unusual buttons.  Featured is a new line of animal hat and sweater sets.

“Wonderful World of Wool” – Work by Janet Stegall-Seibert, September 2014

C'ville Arts Gallery, downtown Charlottesville, VAJanice Stegall-Seibert, our fabulous felt-maker will be C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery’s featured artist during the month of September. She will be at the gallery on Friday,  September 5th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. demonstrating a variety of felted crafts, during the Historic Downtown Mall’s First Friday event.
Janice uses wool fibers to fashion wonderful, whimsical felted creations. Her works range from fantasy folk figures, fairies, gnomes, and Santa’s to functional warm woolen hats, colorful tea cozies and felt soaps.  Janice also creates lovely floral felted pins, little wise ole’ owls, fanciful frogs, and acorns in an array of colors.
C'ville Arts Gallery, downtown Charlottesville, VAHer business, Felt Song Fiber, grew out of her love for creating handmade gifts to give to family and friends. Janice especially enjoys crafting custom orders. Perhaps you’d like a unique fairy in colors of your choosing, or a felt chicken or bunny? Janice would be happy to create one just for you!  She also delights in teaching felting classes and sharing what she loves to do with this ancient craft.
Janice welcomes you to her wonderful world of wool!
Find her on Facebook at Felt Song Fiber or her website FeltSongFiber.com

“Branching Out” – New Art Work by Flame in August

cille arts gallery, charlottesville vaFlame Bilyue, our talented painter/paper fiber artist, will be C-ville Arts Cooperative Gallery’s featured artist during the month of August this year.  She will be at the gallery on Friday, August 1, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. during the Historic Downtown Mall’s First Friday event.

Flame has been creating since she was a young girl with the encouragement of her elder sister.   To this day, creating with different materials is both a joy and satisfaction.   While drawing, the basic creative form for many artists, still speaks to her, what draws her these days is sculpting with handmade paper and acrylics. In a “past life,” Flame was a professional dry wall finisher. Her work with plaster and textures finds its way back into her art.

paintings on crafted, handmade paperThe first step in making paper is to take various fibers, including all sorts of scrap papers, and break them down into a pulp by using a simple kitchen blender. Flame’s special forte’ reveals itself when she takes this pulp and sculpts it layer by layer with a variety of tools, painting as she works.   This is not your usual paper mache’! Nature is Flame’s muse, but when she creates, she does so with multiple meanings and represents more than what you might see.   As art comes from the heart, it is Flame’s heartfelt desire to invoke thought and to cause us to look deeper into ourselves.  It’s an expanding experience.

Trees are often a main subject for Flame, and transformation and inspiration are her main themes. Sunsets and full moons speak of magical moments where anything is possible, and you’re never far from seeing the emerging spirits.

Transformation takes on new levels when the canvas comes from art scraps, junk mail and other disregarded “refuse.” The tree, felled for our paper, is reborn in paint to inspire us once again. And the sculpting creates the three-dimensional bridge to new realms of wonder, with depth and texture which only hand-made paper can reveal.

So as Flame is branching out, you are invited to expand yourself as you experience her new work.   Enjoy!


“Wings and Things” Jeweler Stephen Dalton at C’ville Arts through July 2014

Stephen Dalton at Cville Arts Charlottesville downtown jewelryStephen Dalton, of Half-Baked Ideas Jewelry, has always borrowed from nature to create his whimsical, mixed-media designs. He is especially interested in the color combinations, patterns, and whimsy that exist in the world of dragonflies, butterflies, and other winged creatures. With that inspiration, he is certain to put his own unexpected spin on the jewelry he creates. A leopard print beetle pin seems just right in his world.

Stephen has made paper and epoxy jewelry full time for more than twenty years, and his range is broad. The deep finish he achieves is a painstaking three-day process. From animals to modern pieces to Christmas jewelry, his unique process and aesthetic gives him freedom to have fun. His Christmas charlottesville downtown arts and craft, handmade jewelry at cville arts gallerypins were featured in a published collectibles book last year. His pieces consist of lightweight pins, pendants, necklaces, and earrings that include beads, vintage stones, and found objects.

“Extraordinary Inspirations in Polymer Clay”, Work by Judith Lingon through June 2014

Judith Lington art at C'ville Arts Gallery downtown CharlottesvilleJudith N. Ligon, recognized for her unique Ligon Art wearable art polymer clay creations throughout Virginia, will be C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery’s featured artist for the month of June this year.

Judith is inspired by all the extraordinary things in nature. Years of observing the endless colors, patterns and designs as seen in flowers, seeds and seed pods, trees and their leaves, shells, stones, creatures and their bones has resulted in an appreciation for all nature and its individual uniqueness.  While some things in nature have been preserved in fossil form, they can also be “preserved”, imitated or suggested with polymer clay as well as with other materials.

Jeweler Judith Lingon at C'ville Arts A specific technique, cane work, is what Judith mainly employs when creating her polymer clay wearable art or utilitarian pieces:   Cane work is the process of making a pattern or design with different colors of clay that have been blended, sliced, pierced, rolled, folded, etc. to create that pattern or design which is revealed throughout the cane as it is sliced.  So in Judith’s unique one-of-a-kind work, she utilizes a wide palette of colors, creating or reproducing patterns, designs and/or textures similar to that which is found in nature.

“Playful Paper Creations” – New Work by Joanne Frazier in May 2014

Joanne Frazier, paper artOpening tonight, Joanne Frazier’s “Playful Paper Creations”!

Joanne Frazier, known for her colorful and delightful collage cards, journals and other paper creations will be C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery’s featured artist for the month of May.  She will be at the gallery on tonight, May 2,  from 6:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. during the Historic Downtown Mall’s First Friday’s event.

Joanne has a love for design, pattern and color – especially in papers – which she applied first to scrapbooking then to creating unique cards for family and friends.   What was once a fun hobby creating cards using various papers, rubber stamps, inks and more eventually turned into a Collage Card business.    It requires having a collection of different kinds of papers (including cardboard) whose designs or patterns will dictate for Joanne what mood her Joanne 2themed cards will be or what tone her journals will take.  She designs cards and journals with a wide variety of styles, from earthy, organic to tailored and polished as well as colorful, bright and cheerful.  By using inks, paint, rubber stamps and ribbon, charms and other found objects, Joanne puts them together in a way that makes a unique statement in each card, journal, recipe book or mini photo album.  This same technique can apply to other mediums as seen in Joanne’s paintings, wood burning or mixed media which you will also see in her show.

Making Time – “Stuff from Stuff” Creator Allan Young featured through April 2014

recycled materials take on new life with Allan YoungMAKING TIME – Clocks from Recycled Stuff by Allan Young opens Friday April 4th at C’ville Arts Gallery on the Charlottesville downtown Mall.  

Our inventive and clever clock maker Allan Young will be C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery’s featured artist during the month of April. He will be at the gallery on April 4th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. during the Historic Downtown Mall’s First Friday event.

Allan Young has been taking things apart trying to figure out what makes them tick for as long as he can recall. His life changed one day when he created a clock from an old computer hard drive and everyone he knew wanted one too! So he kept tinkering and searching for materials ranging from old hard drives to mother boards and all sorts of Allan Young, Stuff from Stuff at C'ville Arts Gallery downtown Charlottesvilleodd but interesting parts he thought had good clock potential. He began looking at all things differently and discovered “good clock potential” everywhere from old records to bicycle parts anything he put his hands on would soon be considered for a clock. One thing led to another and his passion came to life.

In 2007, Allan left his ‘real job’ to make clocks full time and has not looked back. “It has been a great adventure!” Young said describing what he does, “I have met some incredible people who eagerly donate materials and nostalgia. What I love most about my work is this; it’s not work! I love what I do! I love that I am being creative and helping the environment by recycling old junk that would likely end up in some land fill. Re-purposing old stuff into cool new stuff is what my craft is all about.”

clock maker Allan Young at Cville Arts Gallery, downtown CharlottesvilleEach clock is an original, one–of-kind handmade time piece with a history we can only imagine. Every ding and every dent tells a story. Some folks say “time will tell” and it has spoken for Allan Young, who is spending his time, making time that tells a story. 

“Adventures in Felting”, Fiber Artist Karen Shapcott through March 2014

Karen Shapcott, fiber artistOur talented fiber artist Karen Shapcott will be C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery’s featured artist during the month of March. She will be at the gallery on March 7th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. during the Historic Downtown Mall’s First Friday event.

Karen Shapcott has been playing with fiber since childhood, either knitting, weaving, or spinning. After 15 years of dedicated learning and searching, her world blossomed, her passions came to life when she found the art of felting. Using a needle and a good sense of humor, Karen manipulates the wool and guides her thread, sculpting figurines who become a cast of characters sure to elicit a smile. She finds joy and energy throughout the creative process and it shows.

Karen Shapcott at Cville Arts Gallery in downtown CharlottesvilleShapcott is also well known and respected for her wearable works of art throughout the region. Building layers of wool and fabric using a process called ‘nuno’ a wet felting technique; she explores colors and assembles patterns she finds exciting, inspirational and uplifting. Karen’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is also known for her joy of teaching, sharing her skills with others in her home studio is an adventure worth taking. Whether you are looking for a special gift or want to learn the art of felting this is an artist with a collection of talent you will enjoy.

To learn more about Karen’s work visit her web site at www.middlerivercreations.com