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Membership Information
C’ville Arts Gallery, 118 E. Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Email Meg West, our New Member Coordinator

2018 Jury Deadlines for Membership

  • Jan 21 -> Application & Materials due no later than Jan.15th
  • March 11 -> materials due March 4
  • May 22 -> materials due May 15
  • Aug 19 -> materials due Aug 12
  • Oct 23 -> materials Oct 16

C’ville Arts is a retail gallery on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall cooperatively run by Transient Crafters, Inc., a group of Virginia artisans.  We jury new members regularly.  Please contact us for the date of our next jurying session.  If you are interested in membership, complete the application form (download link below) and submit it at the store or mail it to the cooperative at the above address along with at least 5 samples of your work.  The application and samples must be received one week prior to the jurying session.  There is a $20 non-refundable application fee that must accompany your submission.

Please submit at least 5 physical samples of your work for consideration. We prefer that you submit no more than 2 distinct types of work, and include at least 2 or 3 items that represent each type of work you want to sell.  If applicable, include some samples packaged for sale.  If you plan to sell some of your work framed, please include a framed sample.  If you plan to sell prints, include at least one original.

Artists accepted into the co-op will be required to provide the website committee with a minimum of six digital images of their work, along with an artist statement.  Though not required for jury at this time, submittal of digital images with your application will get your work before more eyes, because we can post the work to the web for review by the entire membership.  If you choose to submit these additional digital images for review, please write to  (These digital photographs are not a substitute for the required physical samples.)

Membership Categories

Working Members

Provisional Membership:  All new working members enter on a provisional 6-month contract as either Dues-Paying Members or Percentage-Based Members (see below.)  They have all of the work and payment requirements listed, but do not have voting rights. Following the probationary period, they may be voted in as full members.

Dues-Paying Membership:  Members pay a one-time buy-in of $200.  Monthly dues are set by the voting membership and are approximately $100/month.  Members receive 85% of their actual sales, with 5% going toward the administrator’s payment and 10% toward credit card fees, packaging and other operating costs.  Members work in the shop 10 – 16 hours per month, depending on the season and the number of members.  In addition, they do one extra duty for the cooperative, which averages 2 hours per month.  Full voting rights.

Percentage-Based Membership:  There is a $10 per month fee. These members receive 70% of their actual sales, with 30% retained by the cooperative toward cooperative overhead and administrative fees.   The work requirements for this category are the same as for Regular Members.  If  the Member decides to switch to Dues-Paying Membership, the $10 monthly fee already paid is applied toward the $200 buy-in.  Full voting rights.

Associate, Non-working Members

Associate Membership features a month-to-month contract that is cancelable by either party with 30 days’ notice.   Members do not work in the shop or have voting rights.  They pay a $10 per month membership fee and receive 60% of their actual sales, with 40% retained toward cooperative overhead and administrative fees.  They are also required to submit a $100 deposit that will be refunded when the member leaves if they have met all contractual agreements.

More questions?
Not sure how to get started selling your work?  Wondering if expanding into a retail cooperative is a good move for you?  Are you unsure about the time or financial commitment of joining C’ville Arts?  We can help answer these questions;  Email Meg West, our New Member Coordinator.  We want to support and encourage artists and crafters in our community and can help you determine whether C’ville Arts would be a good fit for your business.

Thank you for your interest in C’ville Arts.

Membership info and application…  Please print and complete this form; mail to the attention of Meg West, with $20 check payable to C’ville Arts Gallery, to: 118 E. Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902.  Or, bring with your delivered samples.