Barbara Albert

Barbara Albert Pottery and Painting 

I have been making stoneware in my home studio in Batesville, Virginia, for the past 25 years. During this time I have received a great deal of appreciation from my neighbors allowing me to follow my own sense of beauty and utility.

My stoneware is meant to be used at the table and in the garden and living room. All pieces are thrown by hand on the potter’s wheel.  The clay is white; the glaze is a matte in white or blue. I paint onto the surface with mineral oxides achieving little paintings of flowers and fish.  For my lamps I provide the best solid brass fittings I can buy and silk shades. The firing of the clay is done in a large gas kiln to the high temperature of 2300 degrees F.  The designs are ever changing. I am happy to do custom work and to fill orders to the individual for any special occasion.

I have studied at Piedmont Community College and the University of Virginia.  When possible I attend workshops to understand new ways of working. I am also a painter in oils. The inspiration I find in nature informs both my pottery and canvases.

About my paintings…



I offer these recent paintings, created in plein air, to the people of Albemarle county in order that we may all see our spectacular surroundings with fresh eyes.

The long view is a metaphor for  placing things in perspective.  This is true in a purely physical  way as in painting a landscape at a distance. But it is  true as we look at our surroundings, our lives and our selves. So perhaps a painter is always painting the landscape inside himself.

I have always been fascinated with landscape and have found great pleasure placing paint on canvas to portray what I see. I return to the same places year after year and grow into the scenery myself. I hope you will discover the magic of that familiar scene as you discover anew the places you drive by every day. Stop to admire that barn, that field  or that farmhouse and perhaps I will see you there.

I would like to thank the faculty and staff of the University, Piedmont community college, and the Beverly Street Studio School of Staunton for their support and friendship as I have become a painter.

You can reach me at 434-823-5286 or