“Hopeful Dreams”, New Work by Tanya Tyree through December 2014

Gallexy ... work by Tanya TyreeInspired by many contemporary artists such as Chagall, Matisse, Picasso, and Klimt as well as African, Asian, and Islamic art forms, Tanya Tyree creates figurative clay sculptures, vessels, wall art, and jewelry with abstract drawings that reveal their own mystery, sweet spirit, and mood.  Her current exhibit, Hopeful Dreams is an exploration of dream-like abstract figurative sculptures that express feelings of hope, power, and peace. 

Tyree, who graduated with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, conceptualizes and hand builds her one of a kind pieces from flat slabs of clay or wheel thrown forms.  Focusing on simplified forms with intricate surface development, each sculpture is incised with abstract drawings that build on its mystery. 

HopeThe sculpted pieces are bisque fired and then treated with copper and colored glazes.  Glazed pieces are fired in a small gas kiln, removed while red hot, burned, and reduced in combustible materials, and quickly plunged in cold water. This violent process is called “Raku” and it mysteriously alters the glazes by flashing unpredictable hues and tones, making each work unique in form, design and surface.  To learn more about this artist visit her web site www.tanyatyree.com

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