Capturing the Soul with Plein Air – Meg West Paintings through June 2017

Our traveling plein air painter, Meg West, will be the featured artist in June at C-ville Arts. She will be at the gallery to meet you and share her stunning collection during the First Friday event on June 2nd, from 6 to 8.

Meg West just got back from six and a half weeks of traveling around the South Island of New Zealand. Small postcard size paintings, plein air style, plus local scenes of Albemarle, Highland, and Bath Counties are the focus of her latest work. “When you drive around New Zealand,” she recalls, “every bend in the road is exciting for a visual artist and what it has to offer. I hope to paint future studio paintings from my photographs.” 

En plein air or plein air painting, is a phrase borrowed from the French equivalent meaning “open (in plain) air”. It is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors, where a painter reproduces the actual visual conditions seen at the time of the painting. This method contrasts with studio painting or academic rules; those might create a predetermined look. “The fun and challenge of painting in all conditions of weather and changing atmosphere is part of the plein air spirit that I love.” says West.

Crozet resident of over 30 years, Meg paints plein air throughout the surrounding counties and especially loves painting the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive area. She and her husband traveled all around the South Island of New Zealand, this past March and April, in a small camper van. “Everyone in New Zealand loves to camp,” Meg explained, sharing her memories, “so many of the tourists plus the locals use the well-equipped campgrounds that are abundant throughout the country. I tried to do a small painting everywhere we went, all in gouache and mixed media.” 

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