A Colorful Journey; Polymer Clay with Judith Ligon through November 2016

A Colorful Journey: Adventures in creating with Polymer clay and more

jnl-2016-image3Judith N. Ligon will be featured artist this November at C-ville Arts on the Historic Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia.  She will be present to greet you and share about her work at C-ville Arts during the First Friday Event, November 4, 2016 from 6 to 8 p.m.

While Ligon is known for her one-of-a-kind polymer clay cane work wearable art, visitors to C-ville Arts will also find creations such as heart ornaments, glass goblets with a veneer of colorful polymer clay cane work patterns and designs, interesting bowls and more. Don’t be surprised if you see her mixing polymer clay with metal or enameling too. Stretching one’s wings creatively is what it’s all about.

Judith N. Ligon/Ligon Art is a polymer clay cane work artisan, creating one-of-a-kind wearable art, treasure boxes, bowls, heart ornaments along with other colorful ornaments and more. Cane work is the process of creating a pattern or design with the polymer clay such that when sliced into individual sections the pattern or design can be seen within each slice.

jnl-2016-image1Ligon enjoys creating flowers, petals, leaves, seed pods and even things as viewed under a microscope. It’s the colors, patterns and designs that nature has in abundance which Judith finds so interesting and inspiring. While the focus is in creating canes from which to make any of her wearable art, Ligon will also include glass beads, metal or wood beads, etc. which compliments the focal polymer unit or units.

Polymer clay is man-made, petroleum based, which is cured by baking according to package instructions depending on the kind of clay being used. While Judith mainly creates with the brand Premo Sculpey Clay because it is known for its strength, color fastness, being streak free and durability, there are other brands such as Sculpey III, Cernit, Kato Klay, Fimo and more and each type of clay has its strengths and weaknesses according to what the person wants to make.   Polymer clay, available in many different colors, can be carved, painted, stamped, sculpted and can be used not only for beads or sculptures, but as a veneer for furniture, can be turned on a lathe after curing, and more. Experimenting with the clay and other materials is left up to the artist and it’s a fun adventure.

Included in her display this year, Judith will have a pictorial demo available for visitors to see which can begin to explain the process she utilizes in her creating. This holiday season is a good time for creating hand-made items and such creations are a gift from the heart.
You can find Judith’s creations on her website: wwwligonart.org; on FACEBOOK under her Ligon Art page or Judith Ligon page; on the Artisans Center of Virginia web site,  and her email address is ligonart1951@hotmail.com

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