“Extraordinary Inspirations in Polymer Clay”, Work by Judith Lingon through June 2014

Judith Lington art at C'ville Arts Gallery downtown CharlottesvilleJudith N. Ligon, recognized for her unique Ligon Art wearable art polymer clay creations throughout Virginia, will be C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery’s featured artist for the month of June this year.

Judith is inspired by all the extraordinary things in nature. Years of observing the endless colors, patterns and designs as seen in flowers, seeds and seed pods, trees and their leaves, shells, stones, creatures and their bones has resulted in an appreciation for all nature and its individual uniqueness.  While some things in nature have been preserved in fossil form, they can also be “preserved”, imitated or suggested with polymer clay as well as with other materials.

Jeweler Judith Lingon at C'ville Arts A specific technique, cane work, is what Judith mainly employs when creating her polymer clay wearable art or utilitarian pieces:   Cane work is the process of making a pattern or design with different colors of clay that have been blended, sliced, pierced, rolled, folded, etc. to create that pattern or design which is revealed throughout the cane as it is sliced.  So in Judith’s unique one-of-a-kind work, she utilizes a wide palette of colors, creating or reproducing patterns, designs and/or textures similar to that which is found in nature.

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