“Hens and Hounds”, Kathleen Mistry at C’ville Arts in June

C'ville Arts Gallery located on Charlottesville Downtown mallOur highly popular and respected painter Kathleen Mistry will be presenting a series of new and original work, shifting her focus from the entire Piedmont region to her own backyard. This locally admired wildlife painter will be C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery’s featured artist during the month of June.  She will be at the gallery on June 1st from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., during the Historic Downtown Mall’s First Friday event.

Mistry, known for her richly detailed bird and wildlife portraits answers the question; “What does it take to manage a small pack of rescued beagles and a micro flock of adopted chickens in an urban back yard?” For Kathleen, it takes patience, a sense of humor, lots of love, and plenty of paint!

C'ville Arts Gallery located on the Charlottesville Virginia downtown mallIn March, Mistry completed a 10′ x 26′ wildlife mural, commissioned by The Green Adventure Project. Nearly one hundred species of plants and animals common to the Piedmont were depicted.  After finishing such a large project, Mistry decided to turn her attention closer to home, to the animals she loves and cares for every day. “I am convinced that my hounds and hens have a very wide range of emotions,” said Mistry, describing her experiences. “Through this series of paintings, I try to express not only my relationship with each member of my animal family, but also their connections to each other and to their environment. I want people to see them as I do, as thinking and feeling beings, not just as discarded hunters or egg producers.”

But these paintings are more than sentimental. With the same skill and attention to detail she uses for her wildlife paintings, Kathleen Mistry creates an engaging series of intimate portraits. Her hens and hounds come alive with each stroke of paint, and tickle ones’ spirit with their personalities. The results clearly express her devotion, commitment, and affection for her backyard critters, leaving her audience with a sense of who these animals really are. For more background on this artist visit her web site www.mistryarts.com.

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