“Wings and Things” Jeweler Stephen Dalton at C’ville Arts through July 2014

Stephen Dalton at Cville Arts Charlottesville downtown jewelryStephen Dalton, of Half-Baked Ideas Jewelry, has always borrowed from nature to create his whimsical, mixed-media designs. He is especially interested in the color combinations, patterns, and whimsy that exist in the world of dragonflies, butterflies, and other winged creatures. With that inspiration, he is certain to put his own unexpected spin on the jewelry he creates. A leopard print beetle pin seems just right in his world.

Stephen has made paper and epoxy jewelry full time for more than twenty years, and his range is broad. The deep finish he achieves is a painstaking three-day process. From animals to modern pieces to Christmas jewelry, his unique process and aesthetic gives him freedom to have fun. His Christmas charlottesville downtown arts and craft, handmade jewelry at cville arts gallerypins were featured in a published collectibles book last year. His pieces consist of lightweight pins, pendants, necklaces, and earrings that include beads, vintage stones, and found objects.

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