Marsha Heatwole

The animals I encounter, especially my pets, are a never ending source of amusement and fascination for me. I enjoy interpreting the power and whimsy of these creatures by bringing strong abstract visual elements together with an understanding of their anatomy and behavior.

My primary artistic concerns are line, composition, and color, often using sacred geometry.  I want to treat the viewer to a visual journey around and through the image. Living in rural Virginia and traveling to Africa have afforded me immeasurable opportunity to experience the power of seeing. My seeing, knowing, and imagination enable me to interpret the whimsy and integrity of the animals who choose me to paint them.

Marsha Heatwole, painter shows at c'ville arts gallery in downtown charlottesville, vaBorn and raised in the Shenandoah Valley, I am now privileged to be able to live and work beside an idyllic mountain stream near Lexington, Virginia.