Karen Mozee

Karen is a native of Charlottesville, Virginia. She first became interested in art as a small child in school. She studied art at Charlottesville High School and later at Piedmont Virginia Community College. She eventually transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia where she studied illustration.

After college, she continued to paint using glazing techniques she learned that were taught with oil paint. Now, instead of oils, she uses acrylic paint and experiments with using watercolor markers, and gauche for the underpainting. The next layers are glazed with acrylic and sometimes water-soluble oil paints. She is also teaching herself digital art.   On Photoshop and Painter she is learning how to use different brushes to paint people and how to use different effects to create a mood. Her goal for digital art is to paint hypo-realism.

Karen is influenced by old master painters and manga artists. Michelangelo for the figures he painted and sculpted, Cezanne for his use of color and art deco illustrators for design and composition.. She also like Norman Rockwell for his illustration of expression of people.  She was influence from manga art from Japan since shewas a kid a saw the anime Voltron.  Current artist influences is Tite Kubo for his work in the manga and anime show Bleach for his drawings of characters and  Hayao Miyazaki for his characters like in his movie hit movie Spirited Away.     

Karen Mozee, charlottesville painterKaren likes to paint people from around the world and using photographs as references. To view more of Karen’s artwork, visit the website www.kmozee.weebly.com