Virginia Gardner, blog

Virginia Gardner produces mosaic art from her studio in Earlysville, Virginia, a small village just northwest of the city of Charlottesville.  She works in two dimensions and three.  The latter are mostly functional and/or decorative objects, though she has designed and implemented a few larger scale sculptural pieces, such as the “Seat of Harmony” loveseat that sits in front of C’ville Arts Gallery.

About her art, Virginia says…

“ I use my art to describe my environment.  That may mean that I create a statement regarding some aspect of human reality or, for that matter, the state of the country.    I usually work with a literal concept, whether I’m addressing my feelings about war, youth, family, or middle age; or, I may be drawn to the seasonal change in my personal landscape or the habitat of an egret in marshes along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.   The concept is then usually abstracted and often metaphorical. 

I do some drawing in oil pastels and some little bit of very wet acrylic painting that is close to abstract watercolor, but nearly all of this work is a precursor to specific mosaic works.  Once I discovered the expressive possibilities of a mixed media pallet, I developed a passion for mosaic.”

Virginia Gardner WorkingVirginia’s fine art mosaics are enjoyed by collectors throughout the U.S.  Her work has been exhibited in several significant exhibition spaces, such as the Museum of Man in San Diego,  Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, and the Smith Stained Glass Museum in Chicago.  Virginia’s mosaics have also been featured in art and interior design publications, and her art is included in several books as examples of the work that is being created by contemporary artists working in mosaic. See Virginia’s bio.