“Finding Time” – New Work by Allan Young through April 2018

Our talented tinkering guru and clockmaker, Allan Young, will be C’ville Arts featured artist for the month of April. He will be at the gallery on April 6th from 6 to 8 p.m. to spend time sharing his latest collection of work and answering questions.

From the beginning, Allan has enjoyed spending time taking things apart and figuring out what makes them tick. One day, he was messing around with an old computer and created a clock from the hard drive.  From that moment on, he found time to tinker with all kinds of things to create his unique and functional art.  His life hasn’t been the same since.

From old computer hard drives and mother boards to bicycle parts, old cameras, recycled record players, and, even drums, Allan has found time to make time.  Everything he finds, things that look like junk to other people, become potential clocks in his mind!

“What I love most about this work is that … it’s not work! I love what I do! I love that I am, not only able to be creative, but I am also helping the environment by recycling old junk that would likely end up in some land fill.”  Allan explains with a smile, “In 2007, I quit my “real job” to make my clocks full time. I have met some incredible people who eagerly donate materials that might end up in the trash and I have seen the inside of more dumpsters than I could have ever imagined! Every clock I make is an original with a history that we can only imagine. Every ding and dent tells a story. My clocks are not just time pieces but pieces of time in someone’s journey through life.  Finding these treasures is an incredible way to spend my time.”

And for Allan Young, today, it’s still all about “Finding Time”.

To learn more about Allan Young and his creative clockworks visit his website at stuffmadefromstuff.net

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